1. V


    Don't really know what to write haha. I've been into animal and furry stuff for a while now and have been wanting to try it for real but I don't have access to any animals of my own. What's the best way to get your foot through the door? I'm mainly interested in canine and equine.
  2. Aetherus

    Ideal Canine Breeds for Sex

    Hi there! I'm new here and I was planning on getting a dog to ideally have sex with her (no idea if this has been asked before, feel free to link threads if it has). I wasn't too sure on what breeds would work best, I know that med-large & large breeds are best, but I was mainly considering how...
  3. Q

    What should i do?

    I have a neighbor who is rather mean to his dogs one is a lab and the other is a lab and border collie mix they aren't malnourished but my neighbor usually keeps them outside in all types of weather with rarely any food or water. When they are let in they are put into a rather small cage...