breed size

  1. X

    Best breed for me?

    Hi! I'm thinking of getting a mid size female dog this coming summer, a puppy perhaps but not sure. But I'm not entirely sure what breed would be the best for me? I'm 24 years old living alone in a house out in the country. I work mon-fri 7am-4pm as an electrician living in Sweden. I'm mostly...
  2. Aetherus

    Ideal Canine Breeds for Sex

    Hi there! I'm new here and I was planning on getting a dog to ideally have sex with her (no idea if this has been asked before, feel free to link threads if it has). I wasn't too sure on what breeds would work best, I know that med-large & large breeds are best, but I was mainly considering how...
  3. arcticwolf69

    Breed size averages (Breed sizes based on personal experience)

    Breed size averages originally stated by taigantraverser Breed sizes based on personal experience (I thought this would be help full with people wondering) I can share from my personal experiences (at least the ones I can remember). I would also say this: there is quite a bit of individual...