1. bbfucknowAUS

    How do you find like minded people

    What is the best advice to find likeminded people in your local communities to share experiences without freaking the wrong people out?
  2. whatsosticky

    It's widely accpted men sending unsolicited dick pics are considered pathetic. However ladies, what if you got unsolicited dog dick pics?

    I'm guessing it's much less likely....and a lot different, especially if a guy didn't know you were in to them. Would you tell them it excited you and ask for more? *edit: thank you to admin for redirecting this to the proper forum
  3. W


    I am new here. Male seeking female dog lover in Michigan
  4. femaleanonzoo

    Neutered dog interested, any tips on how to move forward?

    20F here, ive known ive been into beast/zoo since i was really little, growing up i had experiences with family dogs, though never penetration. i stopped all that until recently, my male neutered dog has show interest in licking me, i let him for about an hour today and he loved it. i begin to...
  5. A


    Ok so what about snapchatting and sharing content with like minded friends or chatting good or bad idea and why