The Library

The Library

Welcome to my somewhat chaotic library of useful but unsorted information. I am moving this information here as my group "Animal Cognition and Welfare Research" on this forum was proving unsuccessful in gaining readership. This library is primarily intended to be a source of cross reference information when composing arguments about animal cognition, preferences, and to improve overall knowledge of how animals perceive things differently.
This is sort of a living work desk where people can find sources to compose their ethical frameworks of animal cognition based on solid research.​
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  1. Habit Formation and the Effect of Repeated Stress on Cognitive Flexibility Learning in Horses

    Warning. Link starts an automatic download of the pdf file. This is to be expected and is not a...
  2. An unexpected acoustic indicator of positive emotions in horses
  3. Preference of beef cattle for feedlot or pasture environments This paper is the...
  4. Forming the Dog Internet: Prototyping a Dog-to-Human Video Call Device.
  5. Horses’ (Equus caballus) performance in tasks is expressed in frustration behavior and heart rate
  6. Opportunities (and challenges) in dairy cattle cognition research
  7. Female horses spontaneously identify a photograph of their keeper, last seen six months previously
  8. Cross-modal perception of human emotion in domestic horses (Equus caballus)
  9. Dogs recall their owner's face upon hearing the owner's voice Seems like a fairly poorly written...
  10. Dogs recognize dog and human emotions Only relevant because it shows...
  11. Anthrozoös: Complete Science Journal Really random articles, no coherent trend of them...
  12. Emotion Recognition in Horses with Convolutional Neural Networks A standardized method of measuring equine emotion is intensely...
  13. Dogs do look at images: eye tracking in canine cognition research

    Some additional background as to why this is relevant, canines have a higher eye refresh rate...
  14. Hay preferences in horses versus selection by their owners

    Remember to pick hay your horse will like and think from their perspective...
  15. Awake canine fMRI predicts dogs’ preference for praise vs food
  16. Long-term memory for categories and concepts in horses (Equus caballus)
  17. Learning & Behaviour: Special issue: Canine cognition

    An entire journal magazine of canine cognition articles...
  18. Challenges Related to Nonhuman Animal-Computer Interaction: Usability and 'Liking'

    There are also a bunch of other papers in the (Animal Computer Interaction) (ACI) field...
  19. Horses can learn to use symbols to communicate their preferences
  20. EquiFACS: The Equine Facial Action Coding System

    Warning! automatically starts downloading a .pdf file named file.pdf. This is supposed to...

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Its really great to see these types of resources on this forum. Its a bit of a refreshing change from the typical horny posting you find in 99% of other parts of the forum.

I've made it through a few of these so far, especially how equines can use symbols and their long term memory capabilities. Thanks for sharing, really interesting.