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In this episode, we talk about what it's like to come out as a Zoosexual person and what comes with it. The good, bad, ugly, and overall experiences.

Special guest Hypnotist Sappho (recently came out as Zoosexual) joins us for the discussion, was a pleasure to have her with us!

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- Stay tuned for more! Second season coming soon. ;)
There's been a development today folks! I was going to upload the episode to Minds as our backup but with no luck. Without expending money (Minds+, Minds Pro) our episodes now will not 'fit' on Minds. There's a 21 minute limit on time / size, and even our first episode goes over that. So, our backup / alt platform is now BitChute! It's also set up to mirror this channel using the YouTube channel ID. Be sure to check us out there, and spread both this, and our BC around! We greately appreciate it!


- Winter Green
In this episode, we talk about Zoophilia, sexuality, orientation and fetishes. How they diverge, intersect, and differ. This may strike some people a bit offensive at first glance, but give it a listen: you may learn something new!

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Stay proud, stay loud, stay defiant! Happy pride week everyone.

Show your love, and share your love. Please be responsible too, don't harass, provoke, etc... anyone, enjoy yourselves and we hope your partners do the same. :)
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We'll be recording again soon folks! Yes, we are trying to keep a regular schedule.

I've been busy as heck with family going on vacation and having to care for their non human people ('animals'). They have a fair few too. But, it's all good.

Myself and Ellie think you'll enjoy this episode too. We're going to discuss the definitions and ideals behind sexuality and sexual orientation, and how we think that these definitions can be improved upon to be more categorical and logical in the spectrum of psychology: as well as in the Zoo Community as a whole.

So, stay tuned! :)

- WG
We're finally back at it! Ep. 8 is now live.

On YouTube:
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Feels good for us to be making content again. :)
Wow, been a while hasn't it? Well, let's see here.

We are still alive, we're still kicking, and we DO still plan on making content for you guys! Don't worry, we've not been 'FBI'd', or some other nonsense. Neither of us have been doxed, we are all still very much safe.

We have however, been VERY busy. Ellie has been working her arse off for school, and I've been working on some branching career paths, been sorting out a lot of things personally, and genuinely working towards a better place.

Yes, we did leave social media (Twitter), yes there are reasons, and yes they will be discussed in an episode.

We personally want to thank everyone who's supported us, stood with us, spread us around, and enjoyed our content and style, despite the early platform pull and BEYOND shit audio quality of my mic... :p

Thank you all, as much as we like making content, we WILL return to you rest assured!

- Stay strong, stay defiant, Winter Green.
Hey folks, Winter Green here. We've made, and uploaded our episodes to a second platform.

We're now on Minds! Check out the site here.

Our minds can be found here, you can upload videos, make comments, up / down vote, there's even donation tiers and ways to earn money if you are large enough!

In this episode, we talk with a fellow Zoo who's been through a lot, and a lot of therapy because of it! We discuss the metrics of therapy, how it works, and what it could mean to you, as well as some other background and a 'darker list' of attractions.

Check it out here!

Thank yo to Undealia on Twitter for being our guest.

View the episode here.

Our latest episode is now live! We had some audio issues in this one, we'll be doing out best to try and fix it (likely changing recording platforms / methods).

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