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The Bestia Amore Podcast

Hey folks, this is the blog for the BA Podcast!

We'll attempt to record every Wednesday, 10 PM EST. Our uploads will usually be within a day or two as we need time to edit and proof the pod.

Hope you all enjoy listening and we appreciate feedback.

Remember: we accept questions, comments, and even (possible) guest requests!

Feel free to contact us via DM, a public post here, or via our email.

Our BitChute:

Our YouTube channel is here.

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Latest updates

  1. The start of The Zoo Stories, and no more BitChute

    Our YouTube: Our Email...
  2. Episode 15 is up!

    My Telegram (Winter Green): @wintergreenwolf Red's Telegram: @Struggle_Puppy Our Email...
  3. [SPECIAL] An episode on state of affairs of both the podcast, and the community.

    Our Email: Our YouTube...
  4. Episode 14 hot off the presses!

    Our Email: Our BitChute: Our...
  5. Episode 13 is up, this one's probably going to touch come nerves too..

    This episode is going to touch a nerve or two, it's in regards to some recent controversy in the...
  6. Episode 12 is live!

    Our Email: Our YouTube...
  7. New episode up!

    We got our 11th episode done and I finally got it posted. We talk about veganism, and a few...
  8. A new Plarform.

    There's been a development today folks! I was going to upload the episode to Minds as our backup...
  9. EP. 9 is live, and we're not dead!

    In this episode, we talk about Zoophilia, sexuality, orientation and fetishes. How they diverge...
  10. From the BA crew, happy pride week!

    Stay proud, stay loud, stay defiant! Happy pride week everyone. Show your love, and share your...
  11. New episode coming soon!

    We'll be recording again soon folks! Yes, we are trying to keep a regular schedule. I've been...
  12. Episode 8 is now live!

    We're finally back at it! Ep. 8 is now live. On YouTube: On Minds...
  13. There's so much dust, and so many cricket chirps, sorry... :(

    Wow, been a while hasn't it? Well, let's see here. We are still alive, we're still kicking...
  14. We're on alt tech now, too!

    Hey folks, Winter Green here. We've made, and uploaded our episodes to a second platform. We're...
  15. Episode 6 live!

    Our latest episode is now live! We had some audio issues in this one, we'll be doing out best to...
  16. New Episode now live!

    Episode 5 is now up! In this one we talk to an opponent (respectfully)! Watch here! Also...
  17. Episode 4 is live.

    Episode 4 s now live! You can find it here. In this one, we have an ally guest give a few...
  18. We're back,a nd Episode 3 Part 3 is now live!

    FINALLY, we're back at it after quite a long time. Episode 3 Part 3 of the mammalities theories...
  19. Episode 3, Part 2 is now LIVE!

    Just finished editing, converting, and uploading EP-3, PT-2! You can find the episode here!
  20. Part 2 of Episode 3!

    Hey there! We got part 2 of Episode 3 recorded last night! It'll be uploaded in a day or so...

Latest reviews

Awesome work thank you for your time and hard work .For someone who knows nothing about a lot of things I got educated really quick listening to many podcasts in general zoo also a few furry or so was anti-zoo furry Explained and the owo cast helped like kinks and they love Horse cock and sheath’s but hate zoo’s and Farrell art LOL but are gay and don’t help others whom are fighting for equality wow.
Awesome podcast. Perfect to listen to when doing house work.
Don't stop, even if there's a bunch of normies disliking it.
Oh we don't intend to, our latest blog update will tell a few things as to why we've not been around. We're trying to get back on track though.
They do great job not focusing on sexual aspect, but I think they'll be banned moment they'll start to gather bigger audience.
Let's hope not! We're sticking pretty safe for YT Guidelines, and we have a Minds active now too! All of our episodes are also archived. So, a re-upload is possible.
I randomly picked episode 4 to listen to. Around minute 29 or 30, I really like how Ally talked about the "one night stand" mentality, and how connection is (for the most part) better in all kinds of sexual things. I totally agree. I'll definitely plan to check out some of the other stuff on these...
I like how this podcast appreciates the non-sexual side of zoo relationships, as all some people seem to notice about zoo is the sexual side. I am also thankful that this show respects the subjective experience of nonumans, and realizes that humans are not the sole inheritor of the Earth. However, quite a few episodes seem to be dedicated to personal anecdotes, which are all nice to hear and certainly have their place, yet they may not be an applicable resource to every zoo listening. Plus, the upload schedule is a bit erratic and shy, yet that may just be due to bad luck on the hosts' part.

Unrelated note: I'm the 100th sub! :) I hope there is much more to come, and that the hosts suffer less hindrances in the future. Good luck out there!
Great podcast. Thank you!
Audio quality could have been a bit better, perhaps, but overall a nice and informative podcast. Thanks for making it, y'all.
Great new podcast. Hope to see more!