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I have been told that I seem angry when I discuss the topic of neutering. It's true: I am angry... and
frustrated with people who think because I believe sexually mutilating my friends is unethical that I'm
being irresponsible and that people that believe as I do are to blame for a canine overpopulation problem
and all the suffering this implies. Yeah, liars and control freaks make me angry. People trying to pass laws
that require me to have unnecessary surgical atrocities performed on my friends, depriving them of their
real nature makes me angry. Laws that require my friends to suffer the failures of others are not only unfair
but they piss me off; and I call people who deprive my companions of their gonads, and me of my rights,

Until people establish a population control ethic for themselves I believe we're hypocrites to castrate nonhuman beings in the guise of doing what's right. With over 6.6 billion humans on the planet, and the
human population increasing by one every two seconds, I think humanity needs to clean it's own house
before thinking itself wise enough to manage the populations of other animal nations.

Therefore, I apologize if my words tend toward a tone of frustration. I'm passionate about leaving my
friends the way God and Gaia created them. There are hormones produced by the gonads that affect more
than an animal's biochemistry than reproduction. Testosterone and estrogen; the sex hormones, affect
mental attitude, social role, hair and bone growth, and internal organs like the heart, just to name a few.

The human race (Homo sapiens; yeah, you're a species of animal... imagine that!) has been at war with
Nature for centuries and where has it led? It has led to an overpopulated, polluted, depressing world of
oppressive robber-baron dictators and apathy-riddled servile imbeciles nodding yes to everything they are
told without giving it much thought at all. Actually I expect that given television, videogames, and
entertainments, wherein grown men are paid millions of dollars to play children's games and beat each
other to bloody pulps, that people aren't even capable of cognizant thought at all.

This essay is intended to counter some of the pro-neuter propaganda pushed into the sleeping mentalities
of our day. Therefore, if you want to read those same old lies about how wonderful neutering is I suggest
you click some other search result, because here you'll find a different truth than people of blind-faith want
you to read.

Here's a simple fact, as I see it: People need to take more responsibility for their actions. People need to
better educate themselves, because our teachers have lied to us. Yes... this webpage is based on personal
bias, but all of those pro-neuter pages are based on personal bias too; or on what someone thoughtlessly
reproduced because it sounded like "the right thing to do." Hitler thought killing Jews was the right thing
to do. Was it? People need to learn more about non-human behavior and how to take responsibility for the
whole creature; naughty bits and all. Only once you have learned all you can about this issue, made an
informed choice, and then practiced your choice diligently do you deserve to be deemed as acting
responsibly; whichever way you decide.

I suppose the idea of people taking an active part in the thought process is just a wild pipe dream these
days, and unlikely to happen. Most people seem too lazy and/or apathy-crazed to care about anything but
themselves; and so few even care about themselves. A “pet” is like a piece of furniture; it's a thing to show
off, maybe find some comfort with when in the mood; like chocolate, but otherwise forget about until it's
time to yell at for something the poor beast can't possibly understand.

For some people there may be no other means of preventing puppies than sterilization. I think of
castration as a last resort... or as the Nazis put it, a "final solution." What makes me angry is there is an
alternate method of sterilization, not nearly as invasive or detrimental to the health and development of a
non-human being as castration, but radicals (Neuter Nazis) refuse to pursue this option because they enjoy
the devitalizing effects castration has on the non-human. Also, there are few veterinarians skilled or
intelligent enough to add tubal ligation and vasectomy to their short list of options. I'm hoping that more
people will learn to think for themselves and make demands and that this paradigm will eventually change.

My honest opinion is this: If you are not willing and able to care for the whole non-human being, then get
a plushy toy to cuddle up with; a thing that neither needs suffer neglect nor unnecessary surgery to
compensate for your inadequacies
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In agreement, There are however legitimate health reasons. but i generally agree. ive always hated the idea of spaying. if i could have stopped my parents from spaying my best friend, well, things could have developed to be more than friends haha. but in all seriousness its an important issue to me, i get similarly frustrated hearing about it.
nteresting perspective, thank you for sharing. Considering the stance I wonder if you feel the same about unethical mutilation of humans. Men and also women are circumcised every day and by vast majority against their will. I think that since humanity has many problems for themselves why make a divide among our species? If you are against neutering then don’t do it. I know I wouldn’t, but for those who have no desire to mate their animals for having puppies or have no sexual tendencies towards their animals then what is the point? There are way too many animals without a loving home, shelters are full and cannot manage the liability if these animals accidentally get pregnant. Also animals with whom don’t have a trusting relationship with humans can already be aggressive, if intact of course their behaviour can be even more unpredictable. I understand you are angry but you can’t change something that’s been the status quo for centuries. When I adopted my cat it was in the breeder’s contract, I was required to spay her with the promise that she is not to be bred. With the price of pure bred animals, I could not afford the the additional cost they asked if we chose not to neuter her. And for many, the behaviour of intact animals, when in heat, can be unbearable. When you have neighbours, a cat who meows 18 hours a day for a week every month is just not something which can be tolerated. Not to mention, the harassment one might receive from a cat in heat 😭. Maybe I could handle an intact male dog, but for many, it is a liability and not the status quo.

In summary, for many, maybe most, the responsible thing is to neuter or spay. Our furry friends have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years.
People who castrate dogs consider them like decorative objects, this is my opinion.
It would be nice if everyone with pet animals behaved responsibly but they don't and I doubt that will change any time soon. I have posted links to some information and discussion on this, including a directory of vets who do it, here.
I was Going to get neutered myself so no accidental pregnancies human or non-human people would happen but my dad told me of the health hazards and that I will carry the family name on so I need to find a mate to reproduce fuck my life I am more than happy being just a zoo but I would love to find soulmate and only soulmate that I can love and cherish as I do my furry companion and lover of it female I’m horny and few males Mainly animals turn me on to so ? Happy Who i am. Then I found this site and learned so much in the past year or less so thank you Zoo ville💕👍😁
I don't like it when dogs get neutered. I find it cruel.
if the dog likes it, he has me as his extra bitch
Great article about an important topic.
The author clearly understands what they're talking about and makes a reasonable case.
I share the same point of view on this subject, the scalpel should be directed towards "the men" in view of the galloping overpopulation instead of this concern of dogs in general ways
This is just an angry rant...