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Zooville Feedback and bug reporting thread.


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I was wondering if it would be at possible to have a different skin or mode for the forum that made it appear like a SFW forum, atleast on the forum list.

It changed the logo at the top to something boring and innocuous and all the different sub forum names into less obvious but still easily decipherable to those in the know categories so if the casual observer over ones shoulder sees anything while browsing the forum list, it's less obvious that someone is on a zoo site?

I think it could be a neat feature if its feasible.
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I'm down for a dark theme (y)
Already have one. Scroll to the bottom of a screen on the forum. Look just above the very last line, on the left side, just to the left of the text "
Zooville - Zoophilia and Bestiality Community". Click the little paintbrush-looking widget.

You're welcome.
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Please delete the Zoo Mom's group on Element. The admin hasn't been active in 49 days and there are no mods. It has become a breeding ground for trolls and anti zoos.


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When did zooville.org change to zoovilleforum.net?
Back in December we loss ZooVille.org due to DNS issues. So we became ZoovilleForum.com. Howeber, back in early January of this year we lost the .com DNS. So we changed it to Zoovilleforum.net.


Had a problem with using TOR on this site but figured out the solution. The problem was being unable to reply to PMs or threads, and some icons were not showing either. It seems to have been caused by the security level on TOR, i had it set to SAFEST and it disabled quite a bit of this site. When set to SAFE it started working again. I am not technical enough to know why but anyone experiencing the problem will of course not be able to let anyone on here know since they won't be able to post. Hope that helps someone.