Where is the weirdest place you have ever fucked?


On a carnival ride you stick to the wall called the gravitron. I was friends with the guys that owned it and they let me and my girlfriend have at it while spinning at 70mph stuck to the wall upside down anbout 3 ft off the floor. Not crushing her with my body weight and thrusting was a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be but was still a good time,lol.


fucked my now exwife on my bass boat in the middle of a stump field in a small cove with houses all around us. same x wife while I was driving in middle of the night on the interstate going on vacation. what that woman did with her tiny body was amazing. Give guys blowjobs in parks, give a guy a blowjob while he was driving, another a blowjob behind the counter of an auto parts store while he was waiting on a customer. Lol that was fun. Gave a cop a blowjob and let him fuck my ass in the back seat of a squad car while handcuffed. Don't ask how I pulled that one off but I did. he had a huge cock and came like a fountain, oooo id love to see him again. I let two guys spit roast me in an apartment building complex hot tub that's about all i can recall for now.


On a boat with in laws and brother in laws, my now ex wife we tried fucking but boat rocking and the sound of the water on the hull was too much so ended up masturbating in my hand and pushing it up her pussy


I gave my trans friend a hand job in the parking lot of a playground. We leaned the seats back and started making out before my hand slipped into her panties. She had the cutest little cock. She had to move away recently. I hope I’ll get to see her again


Recent favorite would be over the hood of the car on the side of a back road looking out at the mountains.
Giving and receiving a blow job in the historic mines somewhere in south Carolina, ducked around dark corner while other visitors passing through