Sleeping with dogs

My girl can sleep where she wants, most of the time she sleeps with me in bed, only in summer when it's just too hot she will sleep on the floor. Sometimes I just lay to her, but only for a short time, because it's killing my back. Hope with the AC setup she will be in summer now to with me in the bed.
I dint have a dog yet, but I will allow her to sleep on my bed but also give her a bed in case she ever wants to go down there (I use she because I already know what kind of dog I am getting, a female GSD)
as i am in divorce and she keeps the dog, i kinda need another to spoil. if i get a labrador, he will sleep on the bed, a blanket next to the bed and... a cage with a blanket over it so he has his space where i leave him alone. if he wants belly rubs and no sex, that is fine too. His main job is to wake me when trouble hits, the rest is a good bonus.
Well, now yes, since I don't have another option, it's Winter, we are under a polar wave, and I don't have a heater in my room, so I'm like the natives sleeping with my dog as a personal fluffy heater :husky_laughing: