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Question about sex with male dogs- how good does it feel and why, considering it doesnt last long?


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I'll add up something that happened to me, the "gayest" thing that ever happened to me. I used to jerk off the male dog we had, and he once started by himself to lick me. It was a dual-sided pleasure, it was nice and it took a while tho


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LOL. I don't think the OP meant it's over in a minute. I think they just meant the thrusting. Or, if they meant that, they think it is over when the thrusting stops, lol.


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always said my spelling sucks as far as my threads go it would be pretty dull if i repeated the same thread over again but believe me it is very real just told a little different love your reply love to meet up some day as you said pleasing is the best part always loving to please man and his best friend the bigger the knott the better and the bigger his owner cock is there more to suck


Allow me a few thoughts if you will. I realize this is coming from someone with no real-world experience but hear me out. First, the psychological aspect of being mounted, owned or submissive to a k9 does have a naughty/taboo factor. That along is enough to create a highly arousing, erotic experience that for many women could be sufficient to be worth the effort. Second, every woman is different, but I would imagine the knot feels pretty amazing grinding on the g-spot. Even when the dog isn't thrusting, just the twitching and pulsing could be enough to produce an orgasm for some women. And even if not, I know that a lot of women like to relax, dwell in that head space I mentioned earlier, embrace the naughty and rub their clit to get their orgasm (or more orgasms). Third, role play - since the brain is our biggest sexual organ, simply putting yourself in a submissive "bitch" role with a male k9 can be fun. I'm sure this aspect alone could be enough for some women to get them hooked on it.