Predict Something About the Next Poster

Only if I struggle at the end of the month

TNP has a hole forming on their socks
If I'm wearing undies with holes it's because I put off doing my washing for too long.

The next poster is hungry.
Oh Canada, I sing of thee,
Sweet stuff from maple trees!

I am sometimes mistaken for a Canadian but I am not actually from there.

The next poster can name at least one song by Gilbert & Sullivan.
Longer than you – I guess that counts?

The next poster's avatar appears to be round, even though they uploaded a rectangular image file. 👀
No, I usually wake up even before the alarm

TNP hasn't sent a physical letter to anyone in over a year
Yes but not by choice, boy went through a little phase of waking me up by sitting on my face.

TNP has eaten a dog biscuit....
Nope, but when I was a kid, I thought Gainesburgers were THE SHIT, and would fight the dog for them.

TNP has never stepped in horseshit.
I in-fact have ridden a horse. I've never been ridden by a horse, but that's on my to do list.

TNP knows how to drive manual...
Correct. In fact, it's my preference.

TNP doesn't know what paraskevidekatriaphobia is without looking it up.
Correct. Paraskevidekatriaphobia is fear of Friday the 13th.

TNP have been arrested by police at least once.