My best best best friend

When I met you, you were broken. And so was I. I took you to the vet, and while I held you on the way there, you stared at me with frightened eyes. I think that’s when our souls became acquainted, because I knew your every thought and it was like you knew mine. Nobody would ever kick you or break your bones again, I‘d make goddamn sure of that. And I’d never be lonely and alone for as long as you could make sure of that. We learned so much together. A boy and his dog. Once your hips healed, we had so many adventures. You were always with me 24/7 and if we came across a place you weren’t welcomed, then neither was I. I taught you to talk. You taught me to love. I taught you how to behave when company came inside, and you taught me that dogs can have foot fetishes too. You ate my socks. I clipped your nails. We had real conversations that only true friends can have. Years went by. Mom got sick, and the day we found out she wasn’t getting better, I saw you cry, and you let me know that it was okay if I wanted to too. The day she died, you were there with me to keep me from going crazy. More years went by. We were getting old. When I brought in my firstborn, you sniffed him and smiled. I could see how happy you were for me. You loved and doted on that boy as much as I did. Even though your aged hips would hurt afterwards, you’d play with him for hours. And then you and I would sit and smoke, like we always did, me in my chair, and you laying with your head across my feet. We were so happy. A man and his dog. And then you got sick. And I took you to doctor after doctor after doctor for months trying desperately to get you better. And then on the way to the last one, as I held you, you stared at me with frightened eyes, and I knew when I looked into yours, that you were going to leave me. So, we turned around, and headed home. We sat down that last time, except this time, I laid with my nose touching your nose, until your breathing stopped, and your eyes closed. A big part of my soul left with you that day. I don’t know if there’s a heaven, or a hell, or God, but I do know, that when it’s my time to go, I will come to find you. Until then, my only bestest bestest friend, be a good boy, and stop eating all the socks.


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