Has anyone else been zoo from the start?

Barb Dwyer

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Sometimes the question arises, When or how did you become zoo?

In my case, I never "became" zoo because I was zoo-interested from my earliest days. I just lacked experience. There was never a time when I decided to cross a line and become interested in animals.

With time and experiences, I have absolutely no regrets; all of my animal partners have been eager participants and I know I have shared much pleasure with them. Aside from anything sexual, they have been good partners who enjoy doing something together. They sought partners, as I did, and we were receptive to striking up a relationship with another species.

Animals have consistently treated me better and with more honesty than humans. I honestly pity those people who see only humans as potential partners (and usually exclusively heterosexual at that). To put it simply, that narrows one's choices. They allow themselves to be trapped in a social construct which restricts them.

I am angered when they assume to impose their restrictions on me. And they do!


I've always been this way too ^^ Until I was 19 I didn't have much interest in people.. then over the furry fandom discovered people too. I think I am still more attracted to animals then people, but don't mind them both in my life.


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Same as what ZetaGirl said; I was attracted to female animals before I even knew why. When I saw "Bambi" as a kid I had what I can only describe as a childhood crush on Faline. ?? More so when I read the original story by Felix Salten. I lost my virginity in my early teens with a GSD in-heat that flagged me while I was petting her... I'm quite sure I was born this way.


I guess I must have been one from childhood, as I've found myself staring at horse posteriors since my earliest years. I just kept this fixation to myself over the years, and it has indeed grown to outright lust. I'm guessing this is one of the reasons why I find centaurides the most beautiful creatures in fiction.
Thinking back to the days when I first hit puberty, I realize that the first wet dream I ever had was about bathing and mating with my neighbor's GSD girl who they would occasionally pay me to walk around our neighborhood. She was really sweet and intelligent, and if I had both recognized her advances and wasn't too nervous to try, I would have banged her at least a few times that I had clear opportunities to do so.

After nearly 15 years of hiding and being secretive about who I really am, I finally got to go out to a horse pasture at the beginning of this year. I repeatedly gagged on the gelding's cock when he thrust into my throat, but I couldn't let him bone me because I wasn't ready to take him yet. I also fingered and licked the mare's pussy when she got jealous that I was playing with the boy and not her. Those nights were more satisfying for me than any experiences I've had with any human partner, so I'm quite sure that I born a zoo as well.


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I've had thoughts about non-humans since I was a young boy. I can recall watchin nature documentaries and feeling excited well before puberty. As I grew up, I was fortunate enough to spend my teen years on a farm and naturally expressed my urges there. For a number of years I would try women (and a few men) before finally realizing that I was happiest with dogs.
From a young age i watched animals on the farm. Blossomed from there. Was having sex with mares 6 years before any human females...

Like me. I was young when I had my first mare... was about 4 years before I had a girl.

But it may just be the abnormal aspect of it. I've always had sexual feelings towards family members, have masturbated since I was pretty young, and always loved all sex.


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Had vivid erotic dreams involving animals well before puberty and before I even had an inkling of what they meant, used to spank off to a hard cover horse non-fiction book that featured pictures of a beautiful little pony mare named Penny when I was a young boy...so yeah, always been zoo.

Took me a long time to come to terms with it and finally embrace my sexuality, but what a transformation it was for me when I did. I think ZTHorse said it best: "Zoophilia is freedom".


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always ... fascinated when young with the mating parts of all the animal documentaries, growing up on a farm watching all sorts of animals mating no real clue why ... when puberty hit .. i gravitated to the farm dogs for checking things out and going farther


I've never felt like I crossed a line. It just never seemed like an internal dialogue worth consulting or having. I never felt the revulsion most people seem to experience when the talk of beastiality comes up or the moral dilemma, even though I grew up in a fairly religious household and area of the country. I'm not sure why I turned out like this, but I enjoy indulging in what I consider to be my sexual freedom. I love animals in every sense, I adore my own and I enjoy seeing and meeting others, even platonically.
My first sexual experience was at the age of 14 with our male dog. I knew it was taboo as I saw the reactions of my parents when said dog had jumped up on my fathers leg and started to hump. It always intrigued me as to why EVERYONE felt such aversion to an animal in sexual acts.

I tried dating and found it "tedious" and always felt "home" when our dog was close by.


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Always. I can say for sure that for the first time I really felt attracted to a dog, not a woman. I felt such a strong excitement that I can not even convey in words. So yes.

Barb Dwyer

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In my case it always felt like a valid option equal to if not better than relationships with humans. I'm still that way now.

I don't want to get side-tracked into the advantages of zoo vs. human here because that's a topic big enough for its own thread.