Feeling lonely so hellow!


Hellow guys i am a Male 23, been lurking around since August but i started being lonely and craving for people to share their "love" with pets, i am mostly here for the nsfw i admit, since i can be open as a pet lover anywhere else. Also i would like to know if there are any groups with the same interests i can look forward to, so feel free to PM me for my or your Telegram, i prefer to keep everything under secret messages chats because it's gonna make me feel more confortable. I am also a lot into fursuit nsfw. I am straight, i prefer dogs. Heckies thank your for having read till this point.
Nice to meet you all ❤️ .
Once you post enough replies and level up you will be able to PM, so get to work!
Seems like i can't view ur provile for PM you, so feel free to contact me anytime, specially if you got "stuff" you can share ^w^
Also, Drovoi's profile has stricter settings than others, so when you unlock your ability to DM, just hover over her pfp and you should see "start conversation", just a heads up :)