Do you prefer verbal/face showing vids? (vids)


Idk why but it´s such a turn on for me when I see vids where the guy is dirty talking or moaning and also I loved when I get to see people face in videos. It feels more intimate for me. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Also I want to use the space so you can share vids of that kind hehe ;)
I prefer knowing that they are protected by being anonymous and will keep positing content. I do really enjoy hearing the female vocalize the ecstasy that she’s feeling as I can relate.


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Do I like seeing the faces of the people and animals? Yes. Yes I do, especially the animal. But I know damn well that said person is putting themselves and their animals in danger by doing so. So, when I see someone posting original content on here showing their face I often post a warning about the dangers of doing so. This often pisses the pornhounds off, but I really don't care.

As for verbal, I can kind of take it or leave it. I will stay that I find it especially hot when the male moans while cumming inside of a female animal, as I do the same when I cum in my doggy gal.