A Desire I've Had For A Long Time.


For many years, I don't know exactly how long, I've had the Desire to go out in the woods and be mated by a pack of wolves. I wish I could do it, but there are SO many dangers that could come from it. I also have a desire to go outside and do it with a wild animal that passes, though they would probably just attack and eat me. Does anyone also have a desire like this?


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I wish I could do it, but there are SO many dangers that could come from it.
Not really, they would most likely just avoid you. Wild wolves don't seek encounter with humans, when they see/scent one, they will amost certainly run away. While they are know as "killers", they fear humans.
I do not know where you live, but for example in Europe, I can't think of any feral mammal except of bears, sows and that could potentially preffer to attack you, instead of fleeing from you.
It is a nice fantasy of mine, however I know it won’t happen, least with a pack of wolves,
Far as a stray or anything like that I’ll admit whenever I see a dog being walked or in a car I wonder what it would be like, however I know to not do anything stupid so thoughts stay in my head.
Do you like the idea of being accepted into the pack or is it more like them punishing you for intruding into their territory? Or maybe embracing the wild side and forgetting civilization for just one day?

How about a scenario where you're lost in the woods and the wolves find you. Through telepathy, or maybe just body language and an inner sense, you come to realize they'll lead you back to the trail, but only for a price.

I've fantasized about being welcomed into a wild horse herd and mounted by several stallions in some kind of initiation ceremony, sometimes as a mare, sometimes as is. Sometimes I have to travel with them and prove my worth before being allowed to be bred by the lead stallion.