1. Anotherkin

    Zooromantic identity

    I am a zooromantic. My connection to animals is not sexual as i am non/anti contact. How I feel towards animals is one of the purest things i have ever felt. And as an otherkin (african painted dog to be exact) it feels natural to like other dogs. Anyone else experience zooromanticism, whether...
  2. KnotHappyBoy

    Only Recently Decided to Make an Account

    I really have been lurking this forum for the last year and a half, however yesterday I decided I'd make an account, this forum has helped me over the last year with accepting myself, and now I'm a proud zoosexual!
  3. Z

    Another zoophile

    Hey zoo lovers :D I could not find any discussion about this forgive me if this already exists. How many of you would trust your pet with other zoophiles. Lets say someone came to you and told you they too were zoo lover would you trust them being around your pets? Also what would you do if you...