woman and dog

  1. K

    (Very) New Member !

    Hi all, I’m Kim, 28, living in Japan but originally from Albania! Even though I’ve been considering it seriously for years now I still haven’t had rhe chance to enter this world, so I’d love to meet people here and talk about your experiences until I can develop my own!
  2. N


    is there a dogwife who wants to live with her own male dog,as his wife? human body,but as a female dog,wants to live with her dear only male dog.
  3. K

    Female Health with Male Dog

    Long time lurker with zero experience.. I was looking around and didn’t see my exact question and I thought maybe this was the best location on the forum to ask? Is there cause for concern of infections or other issues if I have sex with a dog? Like I know there’s a chance to be allergic to...
  4. Nightwalker762

    Wet dreams with a dog

    I had a dream last night, I was being mounted by a Bull Mastiff several times, it felt so good and realistic, I've been bred by a dog before but it has been at least 6 years ago or more, it feels so different compared to a human, idk how to explain. Sad that irl I can't really try something like...
  5. Nightwalker762

    I want a new male puppy but I nave questions

    I want to buy a purebred breed male, I'm certain that I will be obligated to neuter him when he has a certain amount of months, that will probably make him not develop any desire to lick or mount right? Also my family would be on my butt asking and pressuring me to neuter my pup as soon as I...
  6. R

    Signs to look for?

    Does anyone know any signs to look for if a woman is into it with her dog? And also when dogs sniff privates a lot is that something that could be a sign?
  7. Esmeralda0009

    Nuevo grupo de Telegram! 🥰

    Las personas que se quieran unir enviarme su usuario de Telegram dm, solamente contenido amateur Mujer/perro.
  8. M

    M 30yr from belgium

    Hello New here I'm a 30 yr old male from belgium. I've been watching bestiality since my teens. Any females/couples near Western Europe active with a male dog..