1. Z

    Hi, all! 18M Wisconsin

    Hi everyone! I’m 18, male, and located in the milwaukee-Waukesha area in wisconsin. I’ve been lurking on zooville for a while now, and I figured it was time to start meeting new people. I’m interested in nearly any animal you could name, male or female. As of right now though, My main interests...
  2. J

    Looking for an animal to try

    Hi i am from wisconsin and am looking for another zoophile who would be willing to let me have my first time witht their female animal it is very hard to find avalible options here so please help!
  3. doggy_boy185

    New here puppy from Wisconsin

    Hey everyone! My names Christian, im 18, m, bi, from Wisconsin. Kinda new to all of this stuff. I loveeeeee petplay, pegging, drugplay, dogs ofc, any butt stuff lol, bdsm, anything forced. I love a ton of things and I love trying new stuff :) I guess I joined because I want to experiment with...