1. AlysK9

    Who has been figged?

    Hubby has brought up the idea of figging me. Which means I'm going to get figged soon. Who has experienced figging? Which hole was figged? How did it feel and how long did it last? I'm hoping someone in this community can answer these questions. Thanks
  2. wolfyguy

    Mares; Difference between vaginal and anal

    Hi, I understand mares are (generally) much larger than our canine friends. Therefore, I would like to find out how sex with mares feel different when comparing in terms of vaginal versus anal sex (among the same mare)? Like is anal much tighter, smoother, etc? It will be good to hear one's...
  3. wolfyguy

    Looseness and tightness of vaginas and anal.

    Hi everyone, There are many dog breeds out there, so I was wondering if anyone can say how the experience of dog pussy is different in comparison for medium and larger breeds? For example, do Saint Bernards feel too loose in both vaginal or anal? What is the comparison of anal and vagina...
  4. S

    Dog in diaper being fucked

    Let's share here pix, videos and our experience of this quite rare and unusual fetish ;) It will be great to add some details like what sex is the dog and what type was the intercourse,additional fetish play and so on :p