1. K9FurLife

    Question; searching for users

    Hi ZooVille, I'm curious, is it possible to search for users who are members of multiple groups? For example, I'd like to find folks who are members of the California, ZooFur and Zoo Exclusive groups. Or, perhaps more broadly, what are the ways to search and filter users? Thanks! K9FurLife
  2. kcj

    Question about name tags

    I have seen many different tags under peoples names like lurker, tourist, citizen of Zooville, esteemed citizen of Zooville, etc and I was wondering what they mean and how to get them.
  3. G

    New User First Impressions?

    I just joined yesterday and its been an eye opening experience. Everyone is so calm and sane and friendly, I suddenly feel comfortable with my “deep dark“ desires, which don’t feel deep and dark any more. Just wondering if any other new users have initial thoughts or impressions, or if you’ve...