1. goodwetboy

    Hello! I’m new here

    I’m an American male. I’ve been interested in zoo for a few years, but never had to opportunity to try anything! I don’t even know where to start? Anyone willing to chat and take me under their wing?
  2. J

    Texans! Do you really want to split from the US?

    So I've heard about Texas being the most nationalistic (state-alistic?) state in the US, but I didn't know how far that went until I saw a TikTok account called the Texas Nationalist Movement or something like that. The man running that account cconstantly just argues about how Texas should...
  3. KadeBoltz

    Any Native's and First Nations People want to say 'Hi'

    I Apologize if this doesn't belong here, I am not trying to "Hook-up" or "Meet" anyone. But I do want to communicate with my fellow Indigenous People across the country and in Canada, but didn't know if anyone would see it if I just posted in a single state forum. I am a 38 year old Native...
  4. K9FurLife

    Location - North America Residents

    Where in North America are all the zoo folks?! I think it would be pretty neat to create a rough heat-map of where folks generally reside. This is the best I can do with the tools readily available! Shout out to NorCal :3
  5. Alxzwl91

    Hello everyone !

    Hello everyone ! Let me introduce my self: i'm 29 years old gay man from Mexico but i travel very often to the USA (NC & TX). I've been interested in videos of zoo since i had 20 i don't have real zoo practice (but really want to try), i'm a little bit shy, but i want make new friends.
  6. Fido’s Fertile Boy

    Hello from Chicago!

    Hey there! I’m ftm and from Chicago! Currently inactive but trying to get active. I’m looking for fellow zoos in my area and just in general!:) Talking to like minded people has helped me so much, it was getting depressing I thought I was the only with these feelings