1. lixalot

    26 trans m owner looking for friends

    hey i’m Calder, i’d love to meet some people in the community, and i love to to show off with my boy too ;) come say hi!
  2. B

    Any telegram zoo gay group?

    I didn't really found one anywhere in the internet honestly, so if anyone have one, please invite me?
  3. Goattobeloved

    [!] Telegram service Block in Spain

    Advisory: A judge (at government level) ordered the network operators to set a block on the operatibility of Telegram through their servers. This will effectively block any Telegram communication. It was ordered on March 23 and they had to comply in 3 hours. Right now it is still working. It is...
  4. T

    Murrsuit telegram group

    Hey zoos, I have a telegram channel focused on Murrsuit zoophile porn. I've noticed that there's a lack of it on this site and others, so I started a group! Message me if your interested and I'll add you to the group.
  5. lmtdeditionfag


    I'm wondering...since everyone is always talking about...are there any groups on Telegram that are devoted to zoo? Prefer to be more m/m oriented but open to it all 😉
  6. P

    Hi, I'm new to the scene

    Hi, I'm new to the scene and trying to get my feet wet. Are there any telegram groups welcoming new members?
  7. E

    Using telegram

    I’m new to this and keep hearing about telegram. How does it work and what are the benefits. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Dovah

    Any telegram group?

    For zoo porn only. PM me.
  9. H

    use of telegram for this stuff

    Since it binds to a phone number, and since telegram blacklisted all of textnow, what is a good alternative? Already lost access to the textnow number I had. :3
  10. Saladdressing2000

    How to get a stallion hard?

    Hi all. I’ve experimented a little with a stallion. Massaging his sheath. Rubbing his belly. Couple other things. Any advice on trying to get him hard. I understand he may just not want it but hes usually pretty active. Any advice? Thanks. Secondly im looking for some tg groups if anyone knows...
  11. Polish Rat

    Sieć kanałów z materiałami dla dorosłych na Telegramie

    Pewnie nie raz natknęliście się na kanał na telegramie. Kanał na telegramie to nic innego niż swego rodzaju grupa gdzie administratorzy piszą wiadomości, udostępniają zdjęcia albo linki. Osoby które śledzą taki kanał mogą czytać i oglądać te wiadomości ale nie mogę nic na takim kanale napisać...
  12. Always_Horny05

    Help with telegram ban?

    Not sure where to start. I use to have a telegram account where i would trade content with other users, but i think one of the groupchats i was in got banned aswell as everyone else inside it. Telegram says my number is banned and i have no clue how to get around this. A good majority of people...
  13. C

    Nuevo Grupo de Zoo Gay

    Hola, quiero entrar a un grupo de puro zoo gay, o crear uno. No puedo enviar ni recibir DM alguna otra forma para comunicarse por acá ?
  14. Buggin

    Help making Telegram acct

    I want to join some Telegram groups, but can't find a way to make an account without using a real number. Does anyone know of ways to create a Telegram account while remaining anonymous (like not Google Voice)
  15. NaughtySnep

    Hey ! I know theres already existing Telegram Chat Groupes But Do Zoo TG Channel exist ?

    Hey ! I know theres already existing Telegram Chat Groupes But Do Zoo TG Channels exist ? If you know any i'd really appreciate a link in PM's <3 Thank you ! Also dont be shy to come chat about anything <3
  16. ShenOTP187

    Telegram Group

    Hey, I've just created a new Telegram group for sharing videos and experiences. If you want to join, feel free to PM me. :)
  17. BirdusII

    Hay algun grupo de telegram de Paraguay?

    Que tal gente, me gustaría saber si existe un grupo de telegram con gente de Paraguay. Y de ser ese el caso me gustaría unirme para pasar el rato con ustedes. PD: Si no hay uno, no tengo problema en hacer uno para los Paraguayos que estén acá. Asi nos organizamos mejor
  18. A

    Looking to join some zoo telegram groups

    Hey there! I know my profile is pretty blank thats because im pretty new and don’t really know how to use this forum lol. Would love to chat with like minded pervs on telegram so just pm me your user and lets have fun(: ill be way more open there
  19. Derekzoo1

    Busco personas en Jalisco para iniciar en zoo con mascotas de ellos.

    Bueno, yo no tengo mascotas, pero me interesa iniciar en el zoo, si alguien pudiera ayudarme con un trío o solo sus mascotas se los agradecería, soy hetero. Dejo mi tlg rm en privado
  20. FloofyNewfie

    What's the best messenger?

    So Telegram/Vidogram are absolute trash, and skype is dead. What is a good messenger to use nowadays? Preferably one that has end-to-end encryption, but also has video calling capabilities. So far I'm on Signal, but I'm very disappointed with it. Also, I'd like a platform with both mobile and...