1. TabooPerv69

    M 24 looking for friends and etc;)

    Hey what's up? Ive been into zoo for awhile and glad I found a forum for this type of group.😊
  2. T

    New but Old :P

    Hey everybody! After being gone for a busy summer, I'm back on ZVF (I was TabooStoner on here). I also used to be on Beast Forum if anybody remembers those glory days :geek: So who wants to chat on tele? :devilish:
  3. Johndo30


    Hi all, I'm totally new here, .I'm a guy from the Netherlands 🇳🇱 I speak Dutch, German and English. I started to have dog fantasies when i was very young.but not much experience yet. Like taboo / the sky is the limit. Would love to know how it feels to get kinky with a girl/woman...
  4. S

    My life is waiting for me

    Hello, I’m new here. I’m a french canadian so I’m sorry if my english is not good as yours. It’s so good to meet people who share the same kind of love and pleasure as me. I don’t feel so alone anymore. For those who are in a relationship, how did you confess your wild side, how did it goes and...
  5. A

    Can I be watcher and never want to participate

    So I’ve been watching taboo (rape, hardcore, sleeping, incest, and now zoo) is it possible for me to just get turned on by taboo things because they’re taboo? That’s exactly how I feel, I get turned on by the fact that others are engaging in a illegal or taboo act. It’s a complete TURN ON lol...
  6. Bulldozer72

    Choose the way of life

    Many years back I came over a video of a stallion fucking a Brazilian girl and since I was completely inexperienced with zoo porn and knew there is a massive taboo about it I immediately dismissed the video. Days went, maybe weeks and every time I was watching my “normal” porn that horse video...