1. CDN88

    Male actors?

    I asked this question in the thread, "Who is your favorite bestiality actress?" and was told it wasn't the proper place to ask. Are there any known male performers who are in the bestiality porn industry? Are there any known Twinks, Femboys, CD's or Trans (MTF or FTM) performers in the...
  2. doggyfun123

    Should I swallow our dog's cum

    I've watched my female friend suck her English Mastiff many times. Several of the times I've held the dog by the knot to make it easier for her. Sometimes she likes the slide her tongue along his cock and I watch it squirt. Other times she takes his cock fully into her mouth. She swallows...
  3. L

    New member!

    Hello, I'm here for the first time! I have had a girlfriend for over 2 years who knows nothing about this! A while back, I had sex with my sister's dog for the first time, and then a second time that turned into me being knotted! It was amazing.. Anyway, last week I decided I would randomly give...