1. Drayex

    Can you get any nasty diseases from having sex with an animal?

    Do you need to get a vet to check them for any diseases first or is the risk of cross species contamination non existent in most cases? For example if i have a cow that i'm planning on having sex with do i need to get a vet to check her out first to make sure she doesn't have any diseases...
  2. Pupperdog2005

    STIs to be concerned about?

    hey, not sure if this is thr right forum to post in, but i was wondering what STIs i could catch/give to an animal (dog more specifically) and resources like vaccines i could get to prevent them (btw, i'm biologically male and only into male dogs). tysm to anyone who replies <3 i may not respond...
  3. G

    Can you contract an STD/STI from unprotected anal sex with a canine?

    I'm wanting to know for safety reasons if you can contract anything by having unprotected anal sex with a female canine.
  4. FloofyNewfie

    Weirdest zoo you've meet?

    What has been the weirdest zoophile you've had the pleasure or displeasure of talking to? For me, it would have to be this furry I chatted with on SoFurry. So the guy had full blown AIDs and was VERY proud of that fact. He and his 10 friends who also had AIDs would have full on orgies every...