1. Cowboi69

    What USA region do you call home?

    I have a hypothesis that the less people and less rich a state is, the more zoos it has. I want to see how true this is. IDK how to make the voter's choice private tho, so vote at your own risk. I don't have enough room to put all 50 states, so I'll settle for the region.
  2. KigaliTheForestPupper

    New England Rollcall and greetings!

    Hello all! I want to get to know some like minded individuals in my area, and wanted to see if there are genuinely any of us around. I also want to make some new friends to chat with and everything so feel free to message me :) New Hampshire here, Rochester to be exact. ^w^
  3. J

    Which country or state are you from? ??

    Hi I'm a swedish gal and wondering if there are any other swedish peeps here... ?? And I'm also wondering about which place all of you live in, so it would be fun to know. ?