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    We are a couple. Recently, my wife tried oral sex with a dog but hated the taste of sperm. With men, we know that fruits like pineapple help sweeten sperm, but we also know that dogs can't eat citrus fruits. Can anyone give us a tip on how to improve this? Thanks
  2. S

    Dog cum amounts?

    Hi so this may be a weird question(it may have been asked before, and I may be posting in the wrong section). But I'm wondering what factors contribute to how much cum a male doggy will unload? I've seen videos where the dog cums right across the room, I've seen vids where the dog cums...
  3. Animalcock

    Hi from Holland + experience

    Hi all, My name is Micha and i found this forum via Google. I'm 31 years old. Have a 8 year old son, am married and i'm happy. My hobby's are nature, animals, music, horsebackdriving and playing pool. For 10 years now i work as a forklift driver. Since a year or 2 i developed a fetisch for dog...