1. Jesky

    Rookie me

    Its been a couple weeks now im here and i dont know if i am just stupid or something else but i dont know how to react from people posts, as put a like or a heart. Btw u guys are all awesome, hope one day ill have something to talk about too, im still trying to have a life that makes sense and i...
  2. S

    Dog anatomy?

    So I am actually a little confused and figured this was probably the best place im gonna get an answer to it lol. For me it seems like a lot of people pull back the dogs sheath and then suddenly there is the entire dogs cock knot and all. Is that just like speeding up the process or is it once...
  3. D

    dog sheath licking

    Would it be harmful to me or the dog if I put my tongue in his sheath?
  4. E minor

    Sheath sucking

    I wanna lay my fluffy boy before me on his back, while I sit, and pet his chest and belly. Then I wanna stroke this cute soft sac between his legs, its so good, play with his little balls. While I rub his chest, I will suck a tip of his sheath, not dick, only sheath. Suck it like a tit and warm...