sex with dog

  1. R

    need some advice/tips

    hey sorry, i dont know if this is the right spot to put it, however ive only just started getting sexually active with my dog, we haven’t had sex yet but we have tried a few times, however he keeps getting in the wrong hole which gives me pain and i have to stop, i don’t know how to really...
  2. rennxx69

    Prevenir contagios

    Hola, también me gustaría saber si alguien supiera apoyarme, como prevenir infecciones después de tener relaciones con mi perro. Muchas gracias.
  3. A

    The best dog for sex with a man

    I have been sitting on the forum for a long time and have not yet seen threads with discussions about sex with dogs and men and the best breeds for them. Maybe you have some ideas? Can you advise something?
  4. Mitsuro

    Gangbang with dogs

    Ladies and gentlemen, anybody tried to have sex with 5-7 dogs in a row without break with knots? How did you feel after this party? Any risks for man's or woman's health?