sex toys

  1. mantomares1985

    Debating of getting a Mare's Toy

    It's been on my mind for a long time, but I'm thinking of getting a Mares toy. Although I don't know if it's worth getting one or if I should wait a while longer for someone to create a realistic version, and more importantly, if it feels real. So far, I'm looking at this product, and it's kind...
  2. FlaredStallion

    New Dog dildo from Mr. Hankey's Toys in four sizes.

    Mr. Hankey's released this toy earlier this week. I ordered the XL model (along with a couple other toys). Looks like a really fun ride. Mr. Hankey's has been making more animal dildos recently and doing a stellar job. Their horse dildo immediately became my favorite.
  3. A

    How often can you have sex with a sex toy?

    I am interested in whether frequent sex, especially anal sex for a guy can really lead to negative consequences. Maybe I'm worrying too much and I shouldn't do that.
  4. Wargasm

    Best online Sex Toys shops in Europe?

    Does anyone know some online (animal like) sex toys shops in Europe? Any links/references will be appreciated!
  5. xxxasxxx

    Какие игрушки вы знаете из России?

    Всем привет, всегда было интересно производит ли игрушки кто нибудь кроме "Эрасексы" в Росcии?
  6. samcwood31

    Snake Masturbator 🐍

    Is there any snake masturbator/fleshlight? Like, a fleshlight that looks like an actual snake 🐍 Couldn't really find one yet... I'm looking for something like this:
  7. W

    Natural Akita by ZetaPaws

    Haven't seen much about this toy maker so let me scream about it. I got this toy not too long ago and it has been a monster! Highly recommend. from the listing: "The measurements are 9.5" or 24cm tall overall, 2" or 5cm thick on the shaft, with an oval knot that is 3.5" or 8cm wide x 2.5" or...
  8. Ggjester

    Got Creative Masturbator Ideas ? Share here

    Fun Question: Anyone go creative ideas for your masturbator? I’ve had such an awesome experience by having a BD or even my AM Two Hole Dragon with a vibe bullet down the other end. Especially since the Two Hole Dragon came with these plugs that adds suction, my god! ( yes, it can even work...
  9. Blutfeuerdrache

    What do you think of the Dragon Lady? And of course also Hello to all

    First of all, something about me, I'm 26. Have no experience with relationships and or sex with people and or animals. Could be due to my premature birth and the resulting developmental delays. So please excuse my English. I'd love to start with a female Dog. but enough of me...
  10. Rockcam

    Any bird toy?

    Birds are my favorite when it comes to zoo but sadly large birds that can either take a cock or give good top are very rare and difficult to come by. So I was wondering is anyone knows of any bird or avian sex toys that are realistic.
  11. Rexpup

    My fave toy ♡

    It's a bad dragon toy that doesn't come like this anymore, it's got a rough texture and I love it so much!! Anyone else got any toy recommendations?