1. Matthew_6162

    Wife's and max first time together.(Rottweiler)

    Sometime this week my Rottweiler Max and my wife Katie are going to try one another for the first time we are new to all of this and kind of worried about certain things. I am mainly just worried about how small she is and how rough he may be or how big his knot will get. Any women have...
  2. irish1982

    My Boy

    Meet my boy Don, this picture is him at 2 weeks old, he’ll be ready to come home to me at the end of November!
  3. irish1982

    Sexually active K9 age

    I’m now the proud own of a Rottweiler puppy, I was wondering at what age do you reckon he would be sexually active from?, this is me entering my first ever zoo experience and I’m excited but also want to be as educated on the subject as possible.
  4. X

    Best breed for me?

    Hi! I'm thinking of getting a mid size female dog this coming summer, a puppy perhaps but not sure. But I'm not entirely sure what breed would be the best for me? I'm 24 years old living alone in a house out in the country. I work mon-fri 7am-4pm as an electrician living in Sweden. I'm mostly...