1. JayUK

    Hey all

    I would introduce myself in some awesome way like Sofia but my voice is no where near as sexy LOL So Hey all :) UK - The middle somewhere ;) Had first experiences when I was a teen - Well only experiences. Still into watching but things are not so easy in UK for us. Would love to meet some...
  2. pes

    Community cum education efforts

    There was recently a discussion here that touches the topic of fake cum used in predominantly commercial zoo porn. That brought me to an idea of creating educational material that would undeniably demonstrate what real...
  3. T

    Habt ihr euch schon mal dank Zooville getroffen?

    Es gibt eine ganze Menge Kontaktgesuche in Deutschland und gerade in den Großstädten Berlin und Hamburg mehrere. Da wäre es überraschend, wenn sich noch keine zwei Leute via Zooville verabredet und einander getroffen hätten, oder? Habt ihr? Wie ist es gelaufen? Ich selbst habe zwar schon...
  4. bartaby

    Any more true stories?

    Something I use this site for is to read more stories about M/ female dogs. I've read pretty much all the stories here, and I was hoping anyone would have more REAL stories from any other sites. Maybe from beast forum, or the older version of zooville (before it got compromised)? I would be...