1. Bigspot

    Which Are You?

    Curious to see results. If there are any who care to participate. I am new to the site, and had no idea what to post. Here is a poll that may exist somewhere else, not sure.
  2. Reston_Z

    Successful Meetups?

    After looking on the "personals ad" sub-forum and out if curiousity, wondering how many people have actually met up with each other in person coming from this forum site? Understandibly trying to list out every single countries is going to be heinously big, more than 10 listings, so had to make...
  3. southernkiwi

    Are you doing anything for Zoo Pride Week?

    Curious about what people are doing for Zoo Pride Week. Feel free to share what you are doing or suggestions of things to do for Pride Week. (Remember still to keep yourself and other safe)
  4. southernkiwi

    Are You a Nudist?

    As the title says, I'm curious about the proportion of zoo persons who also are nudists. Myself I am curious about nudism but not knowledgeable about it. I've put the option to change answers as I understand people can change their position on this and I'll add options if enough people think...