1. D

    Our Furry Friends

    Let's see everyone's dogs, cats, ect! I love seeing everyone's happy boys and girls! This is my pit mix! I'm not going to post her name as it's unique and as of now there's nothing identifying in the picture.
  2. PadFoot

    New girl

    I have had her for about 8 months now and have finally decided to share on here a photo of her. She’s a bit over a year now and she’s a German Shepherd and pitbull mix.
  3. J


    In most of the porn videos I tend to see only breeds like Pitbull and rottweiler. I was wondering if there could be a reason for such selection? Is this because the viewers like to see such aggressive dog breeds mating women or is it because they are of appropriate height for girls/easy to...
  4. sirfaq

    Questions about m/m pen

    I was just asking if anyone else has experienced the situation i am currently dealing with so my pit mounted and tied but he hit my belly button and now i have pretty serious pain behind it is this normal should i be worries
  5. Annso

    Anyone experienced with Pitbulls ?

    I am really curious to know how Pitbulls are to play with ? What I heard they can be very persistent and also pretty wild and rough breeders. I have a chance to get involved with some, but they are studs currently used only for breeding. Is this an advantage or not if you engage with them ? I...
  6. ZetaMachine

    Virginity Rocks!

    So I'm a Male early 20s and still a virgin (by choice) I want my first time to be with an animal. So my question is, what animal would you all want/reccomend losing your v-card to. I'm hoping for a cute female dog especially a nice big pitbull -woof they're sexy!-