1. A

    Anyone else like big/fat/chubbyanimals ?

    Idk why but like with some of my tastes in people I REALLY like big and fat pigs and dogs especially I just find it so weird why but it gets me so excited for some reason, the fatter the better I find .
  2. B

    Questions about sex between women and boar/pig.

    Hi, I created this thread to ask some questions about sex between women and boar. Everyone is warmly welcomed too. Women who have had this experience answer my question please. I would be very grateful if it could be said in details. I am obsessed with a question for some time now, I just...
  3. S

    How is with boar/pig? (sensation,curiosities,anatomy)

    Hi! I wasn't very interested in wild boar, but I discovered several interesting things about them, mainly about your sperm by the amount and your gelatinous appearance! I would like to know as much information about them, but I can't find anything very specific, only the basic, this specific...
  4. lucyfuu91

    Getting fucked by a pig

    Hey, I was wondering myself how does it feels to be fucked by a pig ? Their penis is so special that I'm curious about that..
  5. Piglover

    Girl and sow

    Few days ago I got this idea for a good porn video: a girl with strap-on dildo fuck a sow. I love sows and I also love girls, do this would be an ultimate porn for me. What do you think? Is here a girl that would do this?
  6. D

    For those who don't own a pet....

    After being on the forum for a while now, I see that owning a pet wouldn't be for me because of my lifestyle. For those who don't own a pet and are sexualy active with animals, how do you do it? How do you seduce or charm the animal to let them play with their pussy? (female dogs, cow and pigs)