pig sex

  1. S

    Pig Love

    I have a couple questions to any females who've tried pig penetration before. What's it like? How deep do they go? and do you feel the tip as it's moving around inside? Also how much cum do they produce? This is all just curiosity, please let me know if I'm posting in the wrong place :) Also...
  2. E

    Men who have fucked female pig (sows).

    I have been attracted to pigs since I was young. I grew up on a farm an lost my virginity to a gilt in my early teens. I may have to tell my story sometime. I think sow pussy is one of the best ones. How many people have fucked pigs before? It doesn't seem like there's many people out there...
  3. lucyfuu91

    Getting fucked by a pig

    Hey, I was wondering myself how does it feels to be fucked by a pig ? Their penis is so special that I'm curious about that..
  4. P

    Did a pig do you?

    Hi everyone, I freshly arrived on this website and it’s been for a long time now that I have this dark/kinky desire to get fucked by a pig, I’ve watched many times many different videos about that. For those who have already tried it, how was it? Is it worth the try? and of course I would be...