pig sex

  1. E

    Men who have fucked female pig (sows).

    I have been attracted to pigs since I was young. I grew up on a farm an lost my virginity to a gilt in my early teens. I may have to tell my story sometime. I think sow pussy is one of the best ones. How many people have fucked pigs before? It doesn't seem like there's many people out there...
  2. lucyfuu91

    Getting fucked by a pig

    Hey, I was wondering myself how does it feels to be fucked by a pig ? Their penis is so special that I'm curious about that..
  3. P

    Did a pig do you?

    Hi everyone, I freshly arrived on this website and it’s been for a long time now that I have this dark/kinky desire to get fucked by a pig, I’ve watched many times many different videos about that. For those who have already tried it, how was it? Is it worth the try? and of course I would be...