1. bunnymundpaws

    Dog Pawpads

    What does your Dogs Pawpads Smell like when you play with them?
  2. C

    Paw Prints

    Hi Everyone, Im Marina, Im a little new to the zoo life but I need ideas. I want to get some paw tattoos near my waist line just to look fun when Im doing my little boy Scout. Does anyone have ideas of how to hide them from people or other ideas for what to get? Thanks!
  3. runkhorn

    smell of ears, paws & maw

    Is it just me or is there a distinct smell to your dog's ears that is highly enjoyable and calming? What about paws? I swear clean german shepherd paws smell different than my staffordshire terrier's paws And I think my first super zoo-y thing I ever did was make out with a dog because dog...
  4. B

    Paw-fetish/paw-sucking anyone?

    Was wondering if anyone else was into this. So I live with my sister and her black male lab/collie(maybe?)mix. The dog is fixed. Long story short, practically nothing sexual happens; not only due to him being fixed, but he act uncomfortable with touching his sheath or anus. So all I ever can...