1. F

    Hi from TN joining and enjoying posting my AI art.

    I keep forgetting to post here but several of you already found my AI art post and i will keep adding pictures over time. To tell a little about myself, I am 40 years old and do not work as i am disabled due to severe mental ( not crazy just cant handle stress, crowds, deadlines, being around...
  2. K

    New from KC area, curious and excited!

    Hey everyone! 26 yo male from Kansas City, totally new here, and looking to make some friends of a like mind. I’ve had some experiences, but no community or group to share them with. I’m sexually open to a variety of unconventional things and would love to get to know other curious individuals...
  3. D

    What kind of person are you if are interested in beastiality?

    Hello, new member here, excited to be apart of your community. THIS IS NOT A DIG OR A NEGATIVE QUESTION. When I first saw beastiaity, I was disgusted at first but then intrigued by what I saw. it just makes me worried that I’m insane or a bad person. Society doesn’t like this sort of thing...
  4. Sissy4Dogs

    Looking for Zoo Friends In my Area

    Hello, I'm relatively new to this, I'm looking to make zoo friends in the South TN/North GA area, and I'm hoping to finally lose my anal virginity to a cute little doggie as well! ;) I'm a skinny cross dressing sissy slut. I've sucked 3 dog cocks and squirted in a bitch once, but I've never...
  5. FloofyNewfie

    Helping the Newbies Out

    So I've seen this a lot within the zoo community and I'm curious about it. There seems to be this mentality where more experienced zoophiles are completely unwilling to talk to beginner/young zoos or zoos without animals. It seems like to them, beginner zoos are just not worth their time and...