1. aridome82

    new to zoo :)

    hi, I’m 30 they/her and i have always been a little curious about zoo, but it wasn’t until this year that I started really enjoying it thru videos, stories, and this forum I’m from the Midwest (USA) and just looking for friends and some like minded people :) if you are a transphobe pls don’t...
  2. B

    Hello from north germany

    Hello to everyone ✌️ I'm one of the newbies at this forum and now i want to introduce myself :) I'm 32 years old, since 3 months i'm single but i'm looking for a new Relationship In the world of Animalsex, you could say i have no true experience collected, but i hope to find a lot of new and...
  3. ciscorox


    Hey! 24F in Alabama. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this and I’ve been so desperately wanting to participate but don’t have the resources.. I have my toys but I imagine they’re nothing the same. How could it be? Toy is only a tenth of that I want hehe. I’m super awkward and barely know how...
  4. T

    East London, 28, male

    Hey everyone! Been a lurker for a while. Making a thread, hoping to meet some guys round east London who might be up to chat, get coffee. More. How’s it going?
  5. flymolok9

    new in town

    hi one and all thought id drop by and introduce myself. im a 36 yearold gay lad from the south of the ul. very new to all things zoo and just want to get to know like minded people. feel free to say hi. hopefully cant make some friends that i can have soemthings in comman with
  6. Ah3ga0slut

    Newbie here! Really excited to be here

    Hi all! I'm Sam. I'm 20 (21 in 2 months!). I was born female but kind of just vibe so I identify as Non-Binary. I'm Bi/Pansexual. I'm 5'0" and plus sized. I'm polyam with 3 partners as of current. All are long distance and only one is like minded on this subject. I would love to make more...
  7. stuck2gether

    A mentor for Mei

    Hi my name is Mei and I’m a twenty year old female I find it’s very difficult to make long lasting friends here and it’s a bit discouraging chatting with a bunch of people for it to end up not working out because of their intentions. I guess I’m naive in a sense because i want to make long...
  8. E

    Newbie here.

    I’m just wanting to learn about new and different things. I’ve read many of the post and figured it’s time to try the water. I’m looking for advice and maybe a mentor. Feel free to let me know any mistakes I might be doing. I’m a male interested in training a male k9 too share and assist other...
  9. Theunis323

    New Member

    Hi guys, thanks for accepting me on here, I am new here, this is a new website apart from the other Zoophile websites ( closed down) that I was on, any advice to where I should post in the right section will be helpful
  10. B

    New to this!

    Hi-a everyone I’m a local Floridian and very into zoophilia, I’d love to experiment with anything. Though how would one deal with allergies? Unfortunately I’m very allergic to dogs I’m not sure other animals. Love y’all
  11. Scotlandknothunter

    Put my mind at ease

    Someone put this idea in my head and I cannot get it out. So exploring and learning before taking the plunge properly. My biggest concerns is cruelty to do the dog. Please reassure me they enjoy and it’s not cruel.
  12. cheekastar

    Hello Everyone

    Straight Male here, recently found this forum. Little bit about myself: I have always liked animals (not sexually). Especially dogs, never owned one myself. Used to constantly watch National Geographic etc. and was curious with the mating habits during my teens. While growing up used to have a...
  13. WolfWitch

    Picture intro my lovelies

    Someone was nice enough to suggest I post a picture of myself. Sorry that I can't reveal to much of myself right now but I'll post more as time goes on. Feel free to ask me any questions!!!
  14. Y

    Very New, Very Curious. Help? 28M from Ohio lol!

    Hi there, very new to this lifestyle and choice. Curiosity I guess has gotten the best of me and ready to take a dive. Would really like if someone could reach out and maybe teach me about this community and where to go from here.
  15. D

    First post

    Hi everyone , took me some time to decide whether I should join the community or not, I hope I made the right choice. I enjoy bestiality although it’s very specific in my case. Hopefully I’ll make some friends down the line and be able to finally talk to someone for the first time without...
  16. D

    First post

    Hi everyone , took me some time to decide whether I should join the community or not, I hope I made the right choice. I enjoy bestiality although it’s very specific in my case. Hopefully I’ll make some friends down the line and be able to finally talk to someone for the first time without...
  17. purplequeen

    Newbie: New year, new adventures

    Hello all I’m a Trinidadian and Costa Rican woman from NYC. I’m 30 years old, 5’1 and new to this beast community. I’m married and a year ago my hubby and I were at a thanksgiving dinner where there was very interesting conversation. Hubby’s aunt was fairly tipsy. Her and I shared our sexual...
  18. vareslee000

    Hello everyone, I hope I’m in the right place

    Hi y’all, Please excuse my bad European like English , (my natural language is German) Im a Male fron Europe who doesn’t want to tell everybody his age im a tall student in a bigger apartment complex with a strict no animal policy. But enough from me let’s jump straight to the topic! (...
  19. D

    Newbie and hello from the UK

    Hi All - David here - guy in the UK - joined because my interest in Zoo has been dabbled for many years and I think it is time I did some further exploring. Looking to make contacts and friends to help investigate this further! - Have fun all
  20. Bdrizzy2

    Anal how to

    Hello everyone, longtime lurker but am trying to get a little more involved in the community. I know there has been plenty of posts regarding this. But I have not been able to find anything with an exact step by step process to make it as clean and fun for everyone involved as possible. I’m...
  21. knottygay


    Hi there! I wanted to say formally say hello as im pretty new here. I have been interested for a long time but always never had courage to act on it including uploading a pic of myself which is a big step. (Avatar is me) I have always had some sort of animal magnet since and the animals around...
  22. J

    Hello positive people:)

    Greetings from Russia! I am a friendly, open-minded girl. I love it and I'm ready for new experiments:) I want to discover new sensations, namely to try sex with a dog. I'm new to this topic. I will be happy to give you advice and any help. Write, we will communicate :)
  23. Rodex565

    New To All Of This.

    Hi there! I joined a few days ago and due to a busy schedule I'm just now finding the time to introduce myself. I'm 24 and I've always been interested in zoophilia since I was young. I'm still coming to terms with myself so I decided to join this forum to learn more and possibly even meet some...
  24. J

    Transguy- newbie

    Any cis men out there into transguys? I’ve only found one video of a transguy taking doggie dick. I’m a newbie, only ever been licked. Let me know what your suggestions are, should I look for a guy in forums or what? I don’t really know how to approach the conversation and I am afraid there’s so...
  25. Bone_Formula

    Hello to everyone here lol

    Hiya. You can call me Bone or BF. I got my name from a username generator to make sure I stay anonymous. I'm a furry from Washington who makes digital art. I'm also attracted to dolphins. I find them very sexy. 😶 I don't plan to be in the position to be screwed by a dolphin, plus how could I be...
  26. mslullaby

    Hellooo Zooville!

    I'm a new member and found this place thanks to a podcast I also recently found. Feel free to call me Lull or Lullaby. Either works. I'm a 29-year-old female in the United States. I am not currently active since my mate died three years ago and a part of me is still grieving over him (and might...
  27. SoCalBBW

    Submissive BBW 27/f/California saying hello!

    Hihi! I hope everyone had a nice holiday. ^^ I'm brand new to the site and wanted to post an introduction to figure out the site a little more and to say hello to everyone! I've been interested in bestiality for as long as I can remember... but have never really had the courage to try anything...
  28. C

    Me and my girlfriend want our first experience

    Me 37 and my girlfriend 22 . I’ve been watching dog porn for some years and never spoke about it to anyone , and for some reason I showed my girlFriend some videos thinking maybe she’d go mad And call me some pervert , but she actually loved it and made her so so horny , so now we are planning...
  29. D

    Hey y'all! 20M

    I'm new to the site and to the scene, and I hope to make some like minded friends! Feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to talk about whatever! I've never had any experience but I hope to change that, so if anyone is in the Georgia/Alabama area, I'm open to meet ups! I enjoy...
  30. D

    How do you even start?

    Hello guys. I have been a lurker here for a while because I was curious of animal sex. After a fee months of reading evdrybody post here, I see that having sex with an animal is possible even with all the laws and restrictions. I am curious about female dogs, cows and maybe pigs. I get super...