1. F


    Hello, I'm new here, and I would like to know if anyone else likes PMVs, for those who don't know this type of video, they are videos where pornographic images or videos are compiled but with background music. But since we are in a zoo forum, in this case it would be PMV about zoophila...
  2. Dabbin

    New favorite songs?

    Anybody found any songs that they've been vibin with? Personally, buckshot boy by onlyfriend and don't overdose and drive by Happy are my two jammers right now.
  3. plazmastorm

    Death Grips thread!

    Anyone else listen to death grips? :3c
  4. C

    Music for relaxation

    What music do you listen to when you want to unwind or chill?
  5. hounddog01

    Led zeppline (music band)

    Did you hear about the fish story? That's hot and funny. Even there wives watched. Google it.
  6. T

    Do you listen to Carti?????

    Hey pals, when you're getting dicked down by a dog horse or what(knot) hehehehe get it???? do you like to put on some jams? if so what are your go to's??? I personally love Playboy Carti, especially his hit song, jumpoutthehouse. Thanks gents, keep suckin fuckin and cuckin. (also send your...
  7. DogSweden

    Music During DogSex

    Does anybody here listen to music while having Dogsex? if so, what genre's of music any reason for it? I listen sometimes on this song when I'm having fun with my Rottweiler girl I get the rhythm pretty well with this song;) The Logical Song
  8. M

    Wardruna- Raido

    Great song and a handsome stallion. " Dark clouds drift within The longing lures pulls my mind Will you carry me? I want to go Fair foal, I bid you Sacks rich with gold of the fields Fare swiftly on flying hoofs Carry me, and I promise you Ride out Raido The storm is stilled, the mind it...
  9. FloofyNewfie

    Songs About Zoophilia!

    Hey all! So, I'm wondering if anyone can post some songs about or related to zoophilia or bestiality? I remember a thread on ZF back in the day about this very same subject. The only two I can think of is... Blink 182 - I wanna fuck a dog in the ass...