1. ZetaMachine

    Movie going pets

    Have you ever been watching TV and it seems like your pet is watching the show with you? I wanted to ask if its happens often to anyone else or if there's a specific show your pet will pay particular attention too.
  2. R

    Have you seen this movie?

    IMDB is a wonderful thing. Porndogs: The Adventures of Sadie
  3. B

    Favorite deaths in the Final Destination series.

    If you've seen them, what are your favorite deaths from the Final Destination movies?, My top 6 would be 6.The two girls cooked in tanning beds like they were George foreman grills., 5. The girl getting cut in half by a plane wing, 4.Engine fan chopping a guy's brain, 3.Guy's guts getting sucked...
  4. Esmeralda0009

    A critique for professional zoo films.??

    Why professional zoo movies are never erotic, that is, with a story and not just having sex? I mean passion, like seeing a woman who slowly feels like being with her dog, and being mutual, they have a lovely and nice sex experience ... I don't know if you understand me, there's never a story...
  5. M

    Bestiality in mainstream media

    Has anybody else noticed all the references to bestiality in movies and TV? Case one: Family Guy. Brian the dog gets laid a lot. He's even been with Glen Quagmires post op male to female dad. In one episode he's trying to get with a college girl and Stewie makes the comment to the girl "is this...