1. A

    Hey I’m new here

    Hey I’m Ace. I’m 20 and live in SWVA. I’ve been interested in Zoo for a while now. I wanna know what it’s like to be knotted. Can’t wait to explore this site more.
  2. D

    Well, I finally got some experience.

    Hey there folks! I finally had my first zoophilic experience a little while ago, but I didn't think to share until now. For privacy reasons I can't give too many details, but a dog I've known and loved for several years surprised me with a long lickjob session (long for me, anyway...)! I wasn't...
  3. Okami

    For those that are M/M active, how did you get your male dog to leant that he can have sex with you?

    Let me start off by saying that I’ve read all of the guides and pins. And while that information is extremely useful, it’s nothing I didn’t already know. I’m looking for more real, personal experiences and what has worked for different situations and different dogs. I also understand that every...
  4. M

    Doggy lipstick started it all!!!

    So I’d thought I share then ask a question about ‘the’ seminal/foundational moment the light bulb went off in my head and totally rewrote my desires lines snd neurological pathways. I was 12 at an all boys sleep over when a guy called Peter G was in a bean bag and the family Doberman mounted...