1. FloofyNewfie

    Men - Do you sport a beard? 🧔

    This one's for the men for once... Do you sport a beard? Or are you clean shaven? If you do have a beard, what length do you normally keep it? Me personally, I typically keep mine at the 1-2 inch length, although it is sitting at an inch right now. Something about having a beard makes me feel...
  2. FloofyNewfie

    Women of ZV, what's your opinion on men fucking female animals?

    Hello women of Zooville, So I'm a bit curious what a lot of women's opinions are on men having sex with female animals? I've seen seen reactions of "I think it's hot" to "I think it's nothing but rape, no matter what." So for the women of ZooVille, how do you feel about it? This is of course...