1. T

    hello from Chicago

    Hi! im a transgirl here in chicago and would love to talk to more people about their experiences and relationship with being a zoo with male dogs! i have never done it before but have dreamt of it for so long and really really cant wait until the day i get to experience that for myself!
  2. C


    Anyone else feeling lonely? Wish i had a partner to enjoy with... Sorry, not complaining, just wondering if anyone is feeling the same?
  3. C

    Skype Group to Chat in?

    Hi all! Hope you're having a good time. I'm looking for a Skype group for people who like to chat. You have to be invited, as I understand. I'm a long-time Zoo, and prefer all things female....women and animals alike. Anyone feel generous to check me out and add to the same? What a wonderful...
  4. bitchlover97

    meet ups

    Has anyone actually met other people in the flesh on this forum, you know to meet and enjoy there animals or became friends in the flesh????, just curious
  5. Bulldozer72

    European Bestiality

    Hello everyone :).. I'm a 47yr old nice guy Living in South east of Sweden. I'm hoping to find others with the same addiction to bestiality porn as me and preferably meet a woman IRL who would like to come visit me to be fucked by my 4 year old dog while I film the session. If your'e a couple...