1. indireneed


    Hola hola! Cada otro mes vuelvo a Nicaragua y me quedo varios meses. Voy a volver pronto y quería saber si había alguien más allí de aqui jaja
  2. K

    Hi I’m new, from South west uk.

    Hi, I’m fairly new here but been into zoo for a LONG time. Since 15/16 years old. I’m a male k9 owner from Cornwall. Never actually done anything with a dog as I just love watching females and male dogs. I’ve never watched in real life and I really want to. I think it would be the hottest thing...
  3. T


    Hello, I’m new to zooville but messed around in beast forum. I’m 24 y/o M, straight with People bi with animals. I’m currently located in SC and am interested in getting to know some people here. Feel free to hit me up to chat
  4. KigaliTheForestPupper

    New England Rollcall and greetings!

    Hello all! I want to get to know some like minded individuals in my area, and wanted to see if there are genuinely any of us around. I also want to make some new friends to chat with and everything so feel free to message me :) New Hampshire here, Rochester to be exact. ^w^
  5. T

    Howdy from Texas

    I’m a 24 y/o male near the DFW area. I lurked a lot on BF back in the day and am hoping to Ben more active here. I’m looking to meet likeminded individuals and maybe have some experiences in the future. If any one is interested feel free to contact me. P.S. I will also be in South Carolina...