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  1. B


    19 m
  2. RoseytheKnottedSlave

    27 F - Northern Georgia relocating to Savannah, GA

    Going through a tough breakup. I was with my ex for 5 years, but that's a whole different story. Just moved back in with my parents until I can figure out my next move. Things have been ruff lately. I need to make some friends. I'm lonely. My oldest cat just died so now I only have Luna my...
  3. S


    Been super busy the pass few week but I’m back now:).been wanting to chat n meet new ppl and their pups!:).anyone in the la area wanna meet up!:).In the mood for new friends ;)
  4. TankmarkV

    Buscando Yeguas, Barinas

    Buenas, alguien de Venezuela, Barinas? Me gustaria encontrar a alguien que tenga Yeguas
  5. R

    Guys... I really need help here.

    So I've been absolutely trying to find some people to hookup with, but I've gotten nowhere... It seems a few people on here reply to some other people every once in a while, but I really haven't got anything... Are there any dedicated beast hookup sites? I am a 19yo male who HAS SOME experience...
  6. Ddf91

    Illinois BWC interested in women, mares, and women with male horse.

    New to Illinois area, long time zoo fan!! Ive always been into watching women take horse cock/cum and would love to be present and assist:) Recently discovered I'm into Mares and would also love to try some mare pussy/ass. Looking for local women / men to share experiences or just chat about...
  7. Reston_Z

    Successful Meetups?

    After looking on the "personals ad" sub-forum and out if curiousity, wondering how many people have actually met up with each other in person coming from this forum site? Understandibly trying to list out every single countries is going to be heinously big, more than 10 listings, so had to make...
  8. bitchlover97

    meet ups

    Has anyone actually met other people in the flesh on this forum, you know to meet and enjoy there animals or became friends in the flesh????, just curious