man and female

  1. S

    New here.

    Hi, New and curious gay guy here. Curious about cookies and community! ;)
  2. Ddf91

    Illinois BWC interested in women, mares, and women with male horse.

    New to Illinois area, long time zoo fan!! Ive always been into watching women take horse cock/cum and would love to be present and assist:) Recently discovered I'm into Mares and would also love to try some mare pussy/ass. Looking for local women / men to share experiences or just chat about...
  3. Andyborges

    Heat: old & young female dogs

    Hello I've been zoo since 2014 (just touching female dogs in their vaginal area) and since 2016 started having sex with my neighboor's female dog. Her owner doesn't pay attention the her health so I keep her under cotrol with vaccine every year against rabies, hepatitis, Leptospirosis...