1. ShyIntrigue

    Embarrassed at Work

    I'm 25ftm and have been a pet sitter for many years. Over the last couple of years, I've come to accept my sexual attraction to the occasional animal. I hadn't been seriously attracted to any of my clients' pets (In my head, I separate work from everything else) - until this time. This dog is...
  2. Louisianak9

    How often do you think about animal cocks

    Be honest
  3. ukbiuk

    Love vs Lust , Humans vs Animals

    This is a tricky one to explain, and the topic is inspired by some of the answers in the thread , men preferring animals to women, So.. if an active zoo met a human and fell totally in love, mind body and soul, do you think zoo activities would stop ? I think what im trying to say is , are we...